Who we are

A small, agile consultancy specializing in effective intercultual collaboration, how to best work with virtual teams and areas revolving around greater interpersonal skills in the workplace whether it be in a co-located or virtual setting.



Our ethos

Create those 'a-ha' moments by making the learning experience fun yet meaningful. We produce a narrative - not death by PowerPoint and we listen to what you have to say. Above all, we focus on behavioural change. Why spend money on a training programme if it doesn't make a difference?

Our solutions

Our solutions are scalable and designed to fit your needs. We design and deliver high-impact face-to-face workshops and highly interactive virtual programmes. Let's have a conversation.


Our approach

Our approach is simple. We have a conversation, establish needs, ask probing questions and demonstrate a real understanding of what those needs are in order to deliver the greatest ROI.


Management development, soft skills and hard truths

We may be small but we're terribly agile! We collaborate with associates, technologists and instructional designers - people at the top of their game who have worked with some of the world's largest companies and institutions - delivering powerful management development and soft skills programmes.

Whilst a lot of companies invest in process training, we are often told that there isn't enough focus on an individuals' interpersonal capabilities. A few years back, many of us would have been introduced to the concept of emotional intelligence - or EQ as it's commonly referred to. Many great leaders recognize the importance of this. It's about the way we connect, the way we convey a message and communicate with our colleagues. It's about the quality of our transactions and an appreciation of collaborating in a respect manner. It's how we carry ourselves in the workplace and deal with change in turbulent times. It's the way we deftly adapt our behaviour when working with people from other cultures. It's the way we work in an ever changing global landscape - working with colleagues in the virtual space. It's the way we build trusting relationships.

At ASL, we focus on developing these skills by analysing your needs and scoping out the most appropriate, high impact solution that will facilitate behavioural change.  To get a deeper dive into our solutions, click on a tab or an image below.


I can see clearly now!

Whatever your needs, at ASL we're in the business of creating  high impact solutions. We like to call them  narratives. We're not into death by PowerPoint sessions that lose people even before the first coffee break.


With over 20 years' of training experience under our belt and having delivered in over 20 countries, we understand how to design and deliver high impact and highly resonant workshops that focus on facilitating behavioural change; and we appreciate the importance of delivering the highest ROI possible for your business. 


It's about creating a meaningful learning journey - that 'a-ha' moment and it's that 'a-ha' moment we'll be able to provide. We do this by producing highly interactive workshops designed to engage and challenge. All our sessions are punctuated with plenty of take-aways and action planning opportunities.


We also build amazingly intuitive apps and we can combine both to produce an amazing blended-learning solution.



"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right"


Henry Ford

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