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A training consultancy that wants to be different, ASL has a wide range of associates and instructional designers committed to providing high-impact, resonant solutions that meet your specific needs.


Eugene Piccinini


Director and lead consultant of ASL, Eugene has over 20 years’ experience facilitating and designing a wide range of interventions in over 20 countries, including most of Western Europe, India, Japan the Philippines and the USA.


Much of what Eugene has done has focused on our global, virtual world and he has managed multiple teams on key international assignments. As well as providing consultancy services to a wide spectrum of companies such as HP, Sky, ArcelorMittal, Coca Cola, Dell, Expedia, General Mills, Novartis, Orange & Rio Tinto, he has designed and delivered interactive and innovative workshops that embrace a range of different learning methodologies and techniques. Eugene has published on the importance of empathy and rapport in customer services and is a contributing author to The Call Centre Training Handbook.

Janet Ashford

Janet spent most of her adult life in the cultural melting pot of South Africa. Being part of such a culturally diverse community has informed her current work as a consultant and trainer where she delivers a range of strategic and developmental training to help managers adapt and grow to meet the demands of working in today’s global business.

She has delivered and designed original, interactive and engaging virtual and face-to-face training and development programmes for business managers and senior administrators on strategic management and leadership skills, communication skills, professional presentations, interpersonal effectiveness, conflict resolution, effective teams and train-the-trainer. Key clients include: Institute of Directors, KPMG, Hewlett Packard, International Maritime Organisation, Mercedes Benz and Airbus.

We also have an amazing team of associates that have considerable experience of operating all over the globe.


Many of them have their own consultancies which we partner with and because we have an intimate knowledge of what they can do, we're proud to be associated with them. When working with ASL, they are ambassadors of our brand and have an intimate understanding of our ethos.


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