Our Story

A Silver Lining was set up to design and deliver high impact training and coaching solutions to organisations big and small as well as provide affordable public training programmes.

We're in the business of developing people skills.

Our services are incredibly effective because we have a no-nonsense approach and our process is simple; we'll have an informal conversation with you, ask the right questions and nail down your needs – then we’ll create your plan, and get to work on delivering your training or coaching, whether it be a one-off workshop, a series of sessions, or through online courses.

We've worked with politicians, international recording artists, and some of the world’s largest organisations. They all put their trust in us because we have a proven record of creating high impact training and coaching solutions that truly enable people to flourish in areas that they didn’t before.

Who we are

With over 28 years’ experience, Eugene Piccinini set up A Silver Lining to deliver core skills to both the public and corporate sector.

Eugene is a world class trainer, designer and coach who has worked in over 25 countries. He has led multinational teams and worked with the likes of HP, Dell, BP, Peugeot, Amnesty International, Rio Tinto and Coca Cola. The delivery of Eugene’s sessions are renowned for being captivating, interactive, enjoyable and extremely effective.

Since its launch in 2014, A Silver Lining has grown a wide network of highly skilled and experienced associates that it works with throughout the world to deliver the exceptional solutions that the Company is known for.

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