Coaching & Training

A Silver Lining provides maximum impact corporate training & coaching solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations, improving the capabilities and skills of employees at all levels.


This one-day, high-impact workshop will give you the critical skills you need to build your self-esteem, improve your confidence and enable you to communicate effectively and assertively.


Change Management

This workshop introduces managers to a range of change management practices, techniques and tools that ensure your change is successful. You will gain practical strategic change implementation skills to enable you to drive change forward.


Communication Skills

This highly practical personal effectiveness workshop focuses on all of the major elements of powerful communication, allowing you to build your self-confidence and improve your communication techniques


Conflict Management

Research evidences that on average, 20% of a manager’s time is taken up on dealing with conflict. This programme will equip you with the tools to deal with it more effectively.


Cultural Awareness

For most organisations, working across borders and with different cultures is the norm and not the exception. A Silver Lining has been advising these organization over the past 20 years. Learn how to collaborate more effectively with cross-border teams by understanding their cultural positioning.


People Development Toolkit

This management training programme focuses on all the key tools and techniques required of new managers in today’s fast-moving business environment. We’ll send a pre-course questionnaire that provides an insight into your personal drivers and deliver a high-impact programme that will allow you to be an effective manager of people.


Working Virtually

In an ever-changing global work landscape, professionals are finding themselves working in the virtual space. This requires a different way of doing things. Where you can maintain that degree of visibility and connectedness? Where you can achieve maximum collaboration? How can you influence without authority? This workshop provides highly effective tools to being a great virtual worker.


Time & Priority Management

This session will explore how you can utilize your time more effectively and prioritize your tasks. You will learn proven techniques that will guarantee results; all you need to do is to implement them.


Going the Extra Mile

This programme looks at how you can create a great customer service experience by going the extra mile. We will give you best practice tips and techniques that will enable your organisation to develop a customer-centric customer service process at every touchpoint.


  • A Silver Lining is renowned for producing customized solutions. If you would like us to translate your existing solutions, develop your content for your LMS or create a distinct, high-impact blended learning path then give us a call. We have done this with great success with some of the world’s leading organisations.

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