Enhancing the way you work with colleagues

It's only human nature to want to get on with your colleagues.

However, conflict is an inevitable part of life and although there's not a great deal we can do about that, we do have control of how we deal with it and that often comes down to how we use our interpersonal skills.

Creating Better Interpersonal Relationships focuses on how we can build better working relationships by understanding how to communicate more effectively and influence without authority. This session will allow you to identify your own hot buttons, how to handle stress and present a far more confident self by conveying messages in a more appropriate way.

If you would like to increase your interpersonal skills, then this programme is for you. You will get an introduction in how to read body language, understand how to generate greater influence and build trust and be more effective in having better conversations with co-workers. If you are a manger, this session will provide a practical overview of why building interpersonal skills is so important and how you can more effectively create a harmonious and synergized team as a result.


Roadmap of the session


  1. How I perceive myself - how I want to be perceived
  2. Why trust is so important
  3. What is respect and how is it manifested?
  4. Barriers to effective communication
  5. What makes a great communicator?
  6. So what is Transactional Analysis?
  7. What are my hot buttons?
  8. Dealing with difficult conversations
  9. Knowing how to influence
  10. Action planning


Creating Better Interpersonal Relationships
Creating Better Interpersonal Relationsh[...]
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“I present myself to you in a form suitable to the relationship I wish to achieve with you”

                                                                                                           Luigi Pirandello

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