Customised solutions

At ASL, together with providing optimum off-the-shelf solutions, we can also customise our programmes to meet your specific needs.


You may well find that one of programmes covers much of what you're looking for, but you'd also like to include some content not included in one of our standardised solutions. Perhaps you would like content to be refined to compliment a more senior audience or simplified to meet the needs of a wider population? We collaborate closely at every stage of development to ensure a best fit that ticks all the boxes.


When creating bespoke solutions, we create learning paths. This involves designing a pre-workshop element, the workshop itself and a follow-up session.


However, we also appreciate that you may well only be looking for a stand-alone workshop that has been customized to your specific needs.  Whatever the needs, our priority is to scope out the solution that is going to have maximum impact.

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