What does it take to be a skilled manager of virtual teams? If you manage or work with teams located across borders and time zones and are experiencing some challenges, then this espresso coaching session may just be for you.

A Silver Lining’s Working in the Virtual Space will focus on your specific challenges but we’re guessing these may include time zone issues, cultural disconnects, a lack of strategic alignment or an inability to connect and build trust because of virtual distance. Are we right? Because this session is a coaching conversation, we will help you hone in what needs to be improved. And because we’re such generous souls, we’ll even give you some of our top tips based on years of walking the walk.

 These bite size 1:1 virtual coaching sessions, guarantee that you will think differently about how you operate when working virtually. Coaching conversations will ask you to consider how you do things currently and ask you how you may well do things differently in order to be a more adept and adaptive player in our increasingly virtual landscape.


Our Working in the Virtual Space sessions provide a new approach to getting professionals skilled up without the cost and effort of subscribing to a standard training workshop. However, it delivers high impact espresso shots that will energize you and make a significant impact on how you work virtually.


I can see clearly now!

Whatever your needs, at ASL we're in the business of creating  high impact solutions. We like to call them  narratives. We're not into death by PowerPoint sessions that lose people even before the first coffee break.


With over 20 years' of training experience under our belt and having delivered in over 20 countries, we understand how to design and deliver high impact and highly resonant workshops that focus on facilitating behavioural change; and we appreciate the importance of delivering the highest ROI possible for your business. 


It's about creating a meaningful learning journey - that 'a-ha' moment and it's that 'a-ha' moment we'll be able to provide. We do this by producing highly interactive workshops designed to engage and challenge. All our sessions are punctuated with plenty of take-aways and action planning opportunities.


We also build amazingly intuitive apps and we can combine both to produce an amazing blended-learning solution.



"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right"


Henry Ford

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