An introduction to change and how to deal with it

Human beings rarely feel comfortable with change. It's the fear of the unknown; the stress of breaking from routine.


A very important part of successfully managing change is understanding how people react to it in the first place. As human beings we all react to it in the same way but depending on our constitution and make-up, some of us will experience change more profoundly or transition through the phases of change more rapidly and with less trauma.


This workshop will help you understand how people react to change and provides top tips on how we can transition through change more smoothly. It will introduce tools that will allow you to analyze and strategize for change, either in the capacity of an individual contributor or as a leader who would like to facilitate more effective change management techniques and understand the mechanics of change and transition.


How we handle Change will show you that if you build your resilience in a constantly changing environment, you will be more successful and enjoy greater job satisfaction.

Roadmap of the session


  1. Why is change scary?
  2. The effects of change
  3. How we react to change
  4. The difference between change and transition
  5. Analyzing change
  6. Strategizing for change
  7. Change tools
  8. Communicating change
  9. The impotance of resilience
  10. Action planning your change
How we handle Change
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“In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is more productive than energy

devoted to patching leaks”

                                                                                                          - Warren Buffett

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