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A Silver Lining provides maximum impact public training & coaching solutions across the globe, improving the capabilities and skills of everyone.


This highly practical workshop will give you the key skills you’ll need to improve your confidence and communicate more effectively. You’ll be more adept at dealing with conflict and find, through high impact techniques, how to be in control of any given situation.


Change Management

This Change Management solution will equip you with the skills to deal with change more effectively. We will consider the three profound truths of change, how we all react to it and what we can do to respond to it.


Communication Skills

Do you feel your lack of effective communication skills are holding you back? This solution might just be for you. We look at what constitutes the traits of a great communicator and provides you with a toolkit to be the same.


Conflict Management

Conflict can be such a destructive thing. Learn how to be more assertive and deal with it in the right way through highly effective tools that will give you immediate control. 1 on 1 coaching sessions or public workshops available.


Emotional Intelligence

If you want to know how to develop and harness your emotions, then this solution is for you. This programme is ideal for anyone who needs to be in full control of their emotions in order to fulfil their potential and provides top tips on how to connect with individuals and build better relationships.


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